Slide BROKERAGE SOFTWARE The trading server is a highly efficient brokerage software that includes the following components: Trading Server Fin++: Amazing Performance for Forex/CFD Trading Liquidity aggregation.
Bridges to liquidity providers.
A database of all operations of the trading server.
An order matching mechanism.
Risk management server.
An order execution control server.

Cost Reduction

The trading server by the Fin++ brand has a minimum delay in order execution. Currently, our trading server has already got a reputation as one of the most effective software solutions for Forex and CFD trading.
The essential components of the trading server include bridges to liquidity providers, tickers, a database of all operations of the trading server, an order matching mechanism, and an order execution control server.
The Fin++ trading server functionality includes:
Our developers have made sure that every component of the trading server, including CRM, website, and various custom apps, can be integrated with the trade server using the TMX API. You can also use FIX or other custom protocols to provide seamless integration with multiple liquidity providers.