Terms and Conditions of Using the Website and Services


The «Fin++» company is solely responsible for the collection, processing, and storage of personal information of our consumers who have used «Fin++» services, as well as visitors. The term personal information includes any data about a user that allows directly or indirectly identifying a person. Personal information is regulated and protected by the legislation on the protection of personal data.

This Privacy Policy details the list of personal information we receive from «Fin++» clients and users who visit our websites, including mobile versions. This document also contains a detailed description of all the ways and methods of collecting and processing your personal information.


«Fin++» collects and processes customer information, including name, email, and phone number. We only collect and store the data that you provide voluntarily. For example, we may collect and process personal information (including data from public profiles on social networks) to receive your feedback on our services.

We may also request information about your current location to register on the website, provide services or participate in promotions. Users also have the right to refuse to provide such information to us. However, in this case, the advertising offer on our website or services may not work correctly, and some functions may not be available.

We may collect additional information automatically while you visit our websites. Such information may include the following data: pages and sections that you visited on our website, your IP address, browser type, model of your device, type of operating system, Unique Device Identifier (UDID), address of the site where you clicked on our link and also Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID).

We use this information to serve you better and correctly configure our website and services depending on your region of residence. This Privacy Policy also contains information on how our company uses cookies.


In case of additional consent, our mobile websites can receive and process information about the exact location of your mobile device via GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or using data indicating the distance to the mobile base station, which is closest to you.

«Fin++» uses this information to provide an up-to-date list of services based on your location. The list of services includes, but is not limited to, special offers for residents of your country or city and more effective personalization of your profile with the services of a «Fin++» company.

You have the full right and the opportunity to cancel the previously provided agreement with «Fin++,» which implied consent to the automatic determination of your location. This can be done by making additional settings on your mobile device or browser.

If you want to disable the services used to determine your location on a mobile device, we recommend that you contact your mobile service provider or contact the support department of the mobile device manufacturer.

If you would like our company to delete your location data, please send us an email at Please keep in mind that some services may not work correctly after deleting your data or may no longer be available to you.



We process information using computers and (or) unique automated software products that fully comply with the rules of organization and data collection methods.

In some cases, the collected data, particularly the personal information of users, may become available to certain employees of the «Fin++» company associated with the functioning and operation of the website. The roster of employees includes administration, call center, sales, system administrators, marketing, and legal departments.

The information may also become available to third parties, including third-party technical service providers, communication services, hosting providers, postal organizations that we engage as data processing contractors. If necessary, you can ask us for a complete list of these persons.


«Fin++» processes all user data in operational offices or other places where the parties whose information is subject to processing are located. Contact us for details (data controller and database owners).


For a more efficient provision of services, your personal information may be processed and stored internally by «Fin++» company. The use and processing of your personal information by «Fin++» are governed by this Privacy Policy. Once in a while, we may send you additional information messages, including details of marketing and advertising nature regarding our products and services, as well as personalized advertising offers. We will not send you such messages unless you give us written consent.

«Fin++» has the right and can cooperate with external contractors to organize advertising and marketing campaigns and provide related services. Companies that work with us may access some of your personal data, but only those required to provide adequate services. These companies are prohibited from using your personal information for any other purpose.

«Fin++» does not sell, transfer or disclose personal information of customers or users of the website to third parties not related to the «Fin++» group of companies. From time to time, we may send you advertising information on behalf of one of our partners regarding the products or services offered – only if you consent.

We may also ask you if you would like to receive marketing information from our partners. If you agree to receive newsletters about personalized services or products, we will not share your personal information with partner companies. However, we will send relevant promotional material to your email address on behalf of these partners.

«Fin++» company has the full right to use and disclose any personal information about you only in cases directly established by law, including protecting our services or assistance to law enforcement agencies investigating crimes and ensuring public safety.


«Fin++» takes all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data information obtained using the website or «Fin++» services. We make every effort to protect your personal information. However, we strongly recommend that you take all possible precautions to protect your personal information further. Such measures may include but are not limited to periodically changing passwords, using unique letter and number combinations to create passwords, and using the secure browsers installed on your devices.


The website and «Fin++» services are in no way aimed at attracting the attention of minors. «Fin++» collects personal data from underage users and does not send additional requests to provide personal information.


You can always find out and control the list of personal information that you provide to our company. You have every right to clarify, change, or supplement the personal information we have received.

The same applies to individual settings for receiving information of an advertising or marketing nature from our partners or us. You also have the full right at any time to send us a request to delete all data collected about you – the right to be forgotten. You need to send an email to with a corresponding demand.


The website collects information about your behavior on the pages of the site and all the tabs that you have visited. Such statistics of visits are used to form an individual approach to the interests and requests of each user. We apply a variety of technologies, including cookies. Such data may be redirected by the website to your browser to be stored and used for further identification by the website.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose of cookies is to measure the performance of websites. For example, it can analyze the number of visitors and the duration of their stay on the resource pages.

In addition, cookies are used to analyze the most relevant and visited pages and tabs, which can improve the website’s experience for each specific user without collecting any personal information. Such data allows Us to form an individual approach to each visitor based on preferences.

Cookies can be of a session and persistent types. Session cookies provide more comfortable navigation on the site – previously requested information will no longer be asked again. These cookies are stored temporarily and are deleted after you close your browser.

Permanent cookies store user settings for current and future website visits. This allows site visitors to log in to the web resource quickly. The permanent cookies we use collect include data such as the user’s language and country of residence. Such information is stored on the hard drive of a computer or the internal memory of a mobile device and is activated right after launching a browser.

You can refuse to receive cookies – make the appropriate settings in the browser installed on your device. Note, complete rejection of cookies may result in restricting access to certain services and functions of the website.


We use various advertising tools, including cookies, Google Remarketing Tag, Facebook Pixel, and other advertising technologies to personalize advertisements for you based on your individual preferences and interests. This section in our Privacy Policy provides additional information on this matter.

You can find personalized ads from «Fin++» on the Internet tailored to your individual preferences. This information is used to display advertisements that may interest you. Such data helps us customize the approach to a user or client, considering such data as demographic interests and personalizing ads accordingly. This way, we can measure the effectiveness of our marketing tools and think over new advertising campaigns.


Each site and «Fin++» online service is subject to a Privacy Policy and regulated accordingly. «Fin++» is fully committed to complying with the requirements set out in this Privacy Policy.


We have every right to make changes and additions to the Privacy Policy at any time. All such updates will be posted at

If you do not agree with any changes and additions to the updated version of the Privacy Policy, you must stop using the «Fin++» online resource or services offered on this site. You can also request the deletion of your personal information at any time.

Security rules apply to all personal data of visitors and «Fin++» clients, regardless of the ways and methods of collecting such information on our part.


This Privacy Policy is in full compliance with the legislation on protecting personal data in the country of incorporation of the company. This Privacy Policy also considers the requirements of most countries of the world regarding methods of collecting, processing, using, storing, and protecting personal data.

To Users of the Russian Federation, it may concern: this Privacy Policy fully complies with the legal requirements of Federal Law No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006, On Personal Data.

To European Users, it may concern: this Privacy Policy has been prepared to consider all obligations and norms stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, or GDPR — General Data Protection Regulation).